Those Little Things That Count….

Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo

“Every little thing she does is magic……”

Yep , it’s from a song by The Police. I think the song has a good point there. Sometimes, it’s the little things that count.

These days I’ve been handling some kids who have special needs. They are unique in their own ways. What really amazed me was every little thing I do with them, they treasured so much. They are happy whenever I (try to) sing happy  kid songs, or even If I just ask them to count 1 to 10 , together with me.

Then, I tried to apply the ‘theory’ to some adults. My objects are my friends and  students. When it was one of my student’s 17th B’day, I gave her a mug which has her pic printed on it, and a pin of her Family portrait. She liked the gifts, coz they’re personalised. She hasn’t stop thanking me for that until now 🙂 .

My friend, Jessie has been asking me to accompany her to buy ‘curling iron for the hair’, but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to go with her. So, I sent my ojeg driver to her place to bring her my 2 sets of ‘curling iron’. I told her that she could use them until we finally get 1 for her. She thanked me dearly, and called me ‘sweetheart’.

A friend of mine was having problem with her relationship, she really really needed someone to talk to. I listened to her with my undevided attention. At the end, she told me that it was a relief that she vented out her feelings, and she thanked me endlessly…..

Now, how about those little things people do for me?

I’m always touched whenever I receive sms from my closest friend asking me how I’m doing and whether everything has been going well that particular day. I think not eveybody gets the chance to get that special attention.

The best little thing( that has BIG impact on me) though, whenever my daughter tells me : ” Mommy, you are so beautiful!”.  I know every child in the world would probably say the same thing to his/her mommy, but still it makes me thrilled…Nothing could top this.

So, let’s do sweet little things for people as we never know what impact they might have on them:)


~ by buburkacangijopakeketanitem on March 4, 2009.

One Response to “Those Little Things That Count….”

  1. Angel olehe arep ngomentari, wong bahasa inggris kabeh .. wuakakakk

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