It’s been quite sometime since I last posted here, my own blog, where I can write just about anything…well not really ‘anything’, but so-to-say anything…

Life has been pretty busy for me these days, teaching, teaching, teaching ( see..I’m soooo a teacher ), browsing, chatting ( yeah… ), dealing with prospective clients, managing my 2 working-for-me  Bahasa teachers ( proudly said ), testing my new laptop ( ehhmm.. ), going out with friends, taking my daughter to places she likes, dating ( missing you …badly, hun…hiks… ), etc etc..ooppsie I forgot to mention that I’ve signed up to a fitness centre “Clark Hatch”, but I only came twice so far :-(, I promised myself to go there more often, though ( yeah right 😛 )

I found myself so bad at managing time. I always think that 24/7 is never enough for me. I need extra hours and days. There are still some unfinished business I need to deal with…

1.  Appointments to meet :

* Yvonne ( We planned to have lunch together somewhere in Thamrin area, but until now, we haven’t had the chance to do it. Von, if you read this, our plan is still on, ya……please be patient…..)

* Sakia ( Also lunch rendevouz in Blok M area or PIM ,  but yet we haven’t been able to manage the time )

* Jessie ( We planned to have our eyelashes done 😉  )

* Yulianti and Dian ( …lunch, again )

* Cella ( I promised to visit her at KIS Radio )

* And Many More… ( not MANDY MORE ! heheh ..)

2. Things to be done

* Compiling Bahasa Materials from some sources

* Getting an ear candle treatment

* Redecorating my bedroom ( well, it’s half done ..hurrayyyy )

* Following up my been-so-long-no-hear-from students

* Finding a good music school for my daughter

* Finding a not-too-expensive computer course for my assistant ( Other people may call it MAID, instead )

* Finishing watching ‘The L word’ ( *giggling* )

* And Many More ( again, not MANDY MORE….. heheheh)

Despite all the things above, I actually have accomplished some good stuff, which are :

* Finally posted a new stuff here 😀

* My project of organizing an event for Jakarta International School, parents-teachers Tea Time at Hotel    Mulia was relatively successful. ( Special thanks to Tessy, girl…didn’t know how it would’ve turned out  without  having you as my partner )

* Got 2 deals for Bahasa Classes ( yippppyyyy )

* Attending PTA at my daughter’s school ( hey…surprisingly there are some HOT mommas, too…. who I    could probably hang out with )

* ( This time I can’t write ‘MANY MORE’)

The fact that I’m a single parent, has always been my excuses for not getting everything done. I know it’s not right, but Whitney said : it’s ok 😉

( I have to stop at this point, since my bakso is served on the table, heheheh )


~ by buburkacangijopakeketanitem on November 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “Hmm…”

  1. ear candle treatment sounds.. painful?

  2. Ah not at all…
    try it!
    Bener deh…

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