Remembering CST-3…

Guys…how’s life?

Do  you still remember this song when we were in karaoke?

…”Bagaimana caranya untuk…meruntuhkan kerasnya hatimu… Kusadari kutak sempurna kutak seperti yang kau inginkan…”

…”Kau hancurkan aku dengan sikapmu…tak sadarkah kau telah menyakitiku…lelah hati ini meyakinkanmu….cinta ini membunuhku…”

I know some of you are ‘menjombloing’ rite now, but always remember , you’re not alone….we’re in the same boat, we can survive this….

Keep the faith, guys…

Looking forward to our next meeting…


~ by buburkacangijopakeketanitem on August 21, 2008.

10 Responses to “Remembering CST-3…”

  1. epi……we miss u…..
    Lets see after 24 December 2008 or after 25 january 2009…u can see our improvement, i believe after that no more jombloing in CST3.
    see u in bandung in january 2009, !

  2. yupz..

    I hope so..

    life must go on..

  3. what the…

    the cheerfull lady,.. sing a sad song,.. i’ve read most of your blogs.. some make me laught,… more on advise…

    Dear,..My teacher, Evita,..

    thanks, coz you’re not forget us,… i just dont know what to say.. on our last meet, you say “i’m a man”, OMG,.. i dont mean it, by the way no more “hansip” uniform, please.. OK, we’re in the same boat,… as long as it doesnt sink,.. i’ll keep the faith…

  4. @ Dani
    Really? In Bandung? then it must be either YOURSELF or, TOHER, am I right or right?? 😛

    @ Imam
    “I’m a man” hehehh you still remember that….but , don’t get it wrong, I Still like men, eventhough rite now I’m menjombloing ria ..;-)

    Glad that you’re still optimistic despite……..

  5. Hi epita..
    you’re right we’re in the same lets sing together


    Say No to JOMBLO…SAY YES to ONE NIGHT STAND@?@#@?…agyagyagyagyagya
    Dear Epita without mala ..
    Dont’ever n never give up..just believe
    You’ll never walk alone …
    just keep in touch..

  6. Hi Twin Bro ..gubraaakkkssss…

    never thought you were actually wise enough ya..heheheh….

    By the way… you look much much better with some hair !…;-)

    Keep in touch, bro 🙂

  7. hi… ephita’

    u are right… we are in the same boat so where will we go?? CIWEDEY or SITUPATENGAN LAKE??? he33

    ok.. keep fight to be the best mother for jovita
    we always support u..

    never..never forget us and you have to remember our motto :


    bye.. GBU

  8. How bout if we sail to Cimahi Mall heheheheh……..

    Thank you for the support ya..
    Of course I’ll always remember you all….

    and don’t forget, in the future, when u get married, please attach the ticket along with the invitation ya..


    take care…

  9. have u read my recent comment?
    I wrote “explain everything”, that means include this posting. 😀

    I don’t agree when u said that “we’re in the same boat”.
    if boat means “bahtera” then it means “we’re ur husband”.
    mana ada….. something like that!

    >>>kabuuuuur……. :))

  10. Ariiiiiiiiiiiiippppppppppp ( pake P )….
    I think I don’t need to explain more…since you can figure it out yourself…..

    And you guys are not my husbands…only my brow-nies …hehehheheheeheh

    Of course we’re in the same boat…..if not, I will probably be attending one of your wedding receptions by now 😛

    Huh…you miss me that much I guess , am I right or right????


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