I was just making the most of my time…( A Justification For Being Narcissist )

Saturday, Augst 16th,  6:45

Whew…..might be late again. Yep my VIP student’s schedule for private session is Saturdays 7-8.30. Why VIP? Not only he’s the chairman of  a prestigious sports club In Jakarta, but also a member of a very very most-wanted position in Indonesia :-), so, forget about being lazy on Saturday mornings, coz I’d better move my (big) ass upto his apartment somewhere in the center of Jakarta.

7:05 In front of Room 2…( cencored for safety reason, hehe )

Geeez, been standing in front of the doorway, but still noone answered…..ooops the door wasn’t locked, so I entered and sat myself at the usual desk. …..10 mins……15 mins…still no signs of life ;-)…got an idea : I sent him sms telling that I’d been waiting for him at the desk……20 mins…23 mins…..nothing happened….

7:40 At the Desk inside The Apartment

Hey..how about taking some pictures with my cellphone? There was nothing else to do while waiting, so, I took some pics of mine by using my cellphone, and it just went on and on and on and on….

8:00 At the Desk inside The Apartment ( still…)

Without knowing it, I already took lots of pics……here are some of them :

Call me narcissist but somehow I enjoyed it….besides, didn’t I just make the most of my time while waiting??


Someone eventually showed up…yep his wife from the market …then she rushed to wake her hubby up..but I told her, she didn’t need to ,coz  we’re running out of time, I had to attend the parents meeting at my daughter’s school at 9. So, she would make her hubby call me for rescheduling.


~ by buburkacangijopakeketanitem on August 16, 2008.

4 Responses to “I was just making the most of my time…( A Justification For Being Narcissist )”

  1. Derasr Babe,

    Your very friendsly and familiar I think just stupid Man who don’t want to be your part

  2. Hallo Gunawan,
    Thank you for visiting my blog …. and thank you for your compliment yaaaaaa……….

  3. ehem ehem ada penggemar gelap rupanya hihi..

  4. hehehehhe….dari Nigeria kali jadi gelap euy..heheh

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