Life can be so hard sometimes…

Just because I stated ‘ Life can be so hard sometimes’, doesn’t mean that I’m not being grateful to my creator, or whatsoever. It’s just the life I’ve been leading, now is seemingly teasing me in its own unique ways. Imagine this , I don’t have any fixed income whereas my monthly bills just keep coming on regular basis , don’t have a true lover for a shoulder to cry on ( yeah my last boyfriend finally caught in the act for not being loyal again to me ), and on top of that, soon I won’t be having a place to live in, since my rented house is due in September. The only things that keep me going is my Faith to The Almighty and of course my beloved-more-than-anything-in-the-world daughter.

The good news is I’m still alive ( eventhough I got sick and tired ), so I have to keep trying to paddle my boat. The tide is high, but I’m holding on…hopefully I will reach to the shore safely and happily… and most importanly …..soon.

I always believe that God will never give us any ordeals if HE knows that we are not to survive them. There would be a time for everybody to celebrate their lives..


~ by buburkacangijopakeketanitem on August 13, 2008.

4 Responses to “Life can be so hard sometimes…”

  1. . . . . .I wana meramaikan thIS blog . . . .I dOnt knOW what i want to write . . ,,,buT, . . .Thankz for the artikel . . . . .

  2. You already wrote something here, heheh
    Are you Bima, my ex student? Or someone else?

  3. yes mam
    i am your ex student

    …the day is going to be changed

  4. Hi Bima
    Yeah I didn’t read when u wrote POT 18.
    So, how are you doing on your OJT?

    Anyway, thank you ya for visiting my blog 🙂

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