Ach……my girl…. :-)

Last thursday I got a surprising sweet visit from a teeny-weeny little girl, my daughter’s best friend at school, Shakira. It was the first time that Jovi (my daughter ) brought a friend from school. I could see how radiant she looked at that time. Then, they went straight to Jovi’s bedroom, where dreamy-make-believe toys were, ignoring the rest of us in the house, as if we were invisible 😛 .. . . so I decided to get myself some quality time with my book, catching up reading one of the tetralogy books written by a genius local writer.

Long story short, Jovi and her little buddy were having so great a time playing in her bedroom that Sha’s nanny was having a hard time to get her go back home……until Sha’s dad called on the nanny’s cellphone and ordered them to go back home. After they left our house, I could sense that my daughter’s excitement lingered………she kept smiling for the next 12 hours :-), and I , without getting any arguments, could get her do whatever I asked her to do 🙂 ….Nothing could top this by the way 🙂

It was very obvious to me that having a friend ( in this case , best friend )from school visiting our house, was very precious moment for my daughter. She might have been tired of having only adults ( minus a daddy that is ) in our house. She needs to mingle with her peers more often. . . which is psychologically good…….

Thanks Shakira ………we’re looking forward to having you again and again and again in our house 🙂

…….” Friends-friends-friends ….I have some friends I love……
…….I love my friends and they love me…….
……I help my friends and they help me……
……Friends-friends-friends……I have some friends I love”…..
( a song by whoever )


~ by buburkacangijopakeketanitem on March 8, 2008.

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