Big Girls (don’t) Cry…

That I’m a BIG girl, is a sure thing. Do I cry? well……
Here goes the story…
Yesterday I got pissed off by someone I cared so much, it was my fault, duh!…. Because from the very start I had been warned that this particular living creature had been known as “annoying but loveable”, so I had TO BE READY with all the consequences, I took my chances….but then again…I’m just a big girl ( not that BIG, geezzz )who happened to live in a so called crazy but tempting world, I WASN’T THAT READY!…yeah I cried …
I thought….by having the courage to ask a few sensitive questions, it would be easy to gain a deep understanding of the problems that have been plaguing me…
WRONG! It turned out to be digging my own grave……. yess I did cry!
Did the person even care? HEAVEN KNOWS!


~ by buburkacangijopakeketanitem on February 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “Big Girls (don’t) Cry…”

  1. well… I missed this story. You haven’t told me about this “annoying but lovable” creature, he he he

  2. Then I guess it’d be no fun just to tell about this ‘creature’.., I’ll introduce him to you directly ……one of these days, yaaaaaa 🙂

  3. hi mUm….

    msiH ingat aNduk gk???

    keLas F cimaHi mam..ary…

    yg keRen itU tuHh…hahahahaaaaa…

    gi siBuk ap muM???

    gMn niH mam…kpaN niH d keNaLi ma ce2 yg caKep mum???


  4. hehehheeh…Ari-ari, how can I forget you?

    main dunk ke Jakarta, nanti aku kenalin, atau mau sekalian double date, gitu? 😉
    Thnaks for visiting my blog yaaa…

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